syntax saddle wax


syntax saddle wax  (  a  p o e t r y s  )

hopscotch otter socks

tosser lottery

prosody's a

podded pea

big gun bunion sun

onions in a dome

shining like a


tut, tut cardigans

lather as a larch

cabbages are

on the march

pen then, morris men

togas when in rome

worm squirms in an

earthen tome

spew blew mutant moon

magnets on y' back

pave the wave - don't

smoke the crack

syntax saddle wax

fodder froth & foams

horses snorting


hi-fi libarary

skittles in a line

hare's the air

& sylphidine

bat flap babbleaxe

gargle garden gnome

pots in holes &

scrolling home



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