beast before easter


beast before easter  (  h m m m m m m m  )

bats in the attic

the battle of jutland

is naps in a foundry

& houses in huts

woods on the woodchip

achoo & confucius

a clatter of cushions

a scatter of struts

stalking the morning

a pun in the oven

as sirius dribbles

& riddle's the mutts

mist is a vista

it's greener on venus

a deer in y' earwig

& stagger the ruts

sit isaac newton

it's grey in y' ashtray

the eye of a neutron

a tab for y' butts

queen nefertiti

a spoon in the treacle

& barks in the darkness

a trundle of guts

pearls in a swirlwind

a natter of napkins

so beast before easter

& may contain nuts

throbs of thrombosis

plus frogs & trombonists

a river of scissors

the kicks & the cuts


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