another week effort


another week effort  (  &  f u c k  t h e  p u n  w e a s e l  w a n k e r  f u z z  )

marmalade mondays

sparkles in a darker shade

ants within the pavement cracks

marching as a parlour maid

marmalade mondays

kangaroo tuesdays

flopping on an avenue

past the tudor rose of flats

gloaming as those romans do

kangaroo tuesdays

morris men wednesdays

skipping in a ribbon's fish

as the pheasants parallax

pissing imps of limericks

morris men wednesdays

lemon curd thursdays

jumbles in the mumble peach

river runs & dripping taps

sucking as a lucking feach

lemon curd thursdays

pigeon pie fridays

thatterway & plane the skies

left a right in feathered flaps

( saturday? the same applies )

pigeon pie fridays

twiddle thumb sundays

sunken on a feather bed

chapel bells & scrapping bats

singing swans & dead ahead

- marmalade mondays -

(  g a s p  )



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