badger, hike & seek


badger, hike & seek  (  a  p o e m  )

in the thicket of a copse

as a phantom fucks a fox

& a chaffinch chatters chaff

natters of the beak

on the pasture's adder grass

as the cirrus stratus pass

up above but check y'step

peg a leg & screak

up a scramble as a breeze

sings a song of jangled keys

carrot sticks & rabbit shit

brambles on a peak

in the river as the sprat

battles with the stickleback

then the feathered fisher king

swishes in a streak

on the cobbles of a lane

wobble on in coddled rain

waddle with the rubber ducks

as the gutters leak

grab a mac & pack a bag

saddle wax & flap with bats

warble in y'boots & mooch

badger, hike & seek


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