aardvark baritones


aardvark baritones  (  i t ‘ s  a l l  j u s t  o n e  b i g  f u c k  o f f  . . .  s s h h h  )

aardvark baritones

avocado saxophones

tin a flute of newt

catnip clarinets

soft enamel badger sweats

vicars in a twist

howl owl brussel sprouts

cabbages & muffled shouts

bat & flap a toot

moo blue unicorns

spew a tune in cuneiform

shakers rake a fist

bandstand adder breaks

alan, eve & dancing snakes

plucking fucking fruit

hum drum double bass

sticklebacks & mackerel sprats

as the lizards list

shit this, fiddle pie

as the river glimmers ' bye '

scribble i - on lute

baa la reverie

noggin on the feathery

marching in the mist



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