warps & squall


warps & squall  (  a  f u c k i n ‘  p o e m  w h a t  r h y m e z z z z z z z )

hum a drum & tongue a tulip

cousin of the cubist's rubric

mumbles spin in mutant music

staggers of the stand & stall

amp a lamp & gas the traffic

scrambles of the cattle magic

cackles in a crackle attic

flapping bats & badgers brawl

snake a fist & twist a sweater

flaking as the squinter feather

lemonade & garden weather

garbles of the scarf & shawl

pit a dig & trot a foxglove

jigging in the rubber dog's dub

brick a shit & dot the dot stuff

dawdles of the dwarf & tall

hail a snail & tail a comet

a to g & scale a sonnet

trail a toad as boxes frog it

hopping on the road & crawl

ding a ring & rib a kidney

kippers kiss the hissing chimney

whistles tin of nipples slippy

rivers mist the cat & call

own your grow & poke a puddle

caw the crow that blows a bubble

apropros & glow in rubble

portals in the porch & hall

leap the flea & on the office

pod the pea that odds the office

scree the tree & fog the forest

warble on in warps & squall

(  t h e   e n d  )



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