blue july


blue july  (  n u f f  s a i d  f o r  o n c e  )

hedges row & ants with wings

dragon as the adder sings

allegro of sinking things

roses red & rye

orchards snore & moorland burns

runner beans as summer churns

green is gurning in the ferns

bottle drop & fly

bramble jams & thicket thicks

babbles as the lizard spits

battle bat & wicket stick

shit a brick & cry

colour floats & colour fades

poets poke the sputter haze

stutters in a nutter maze

prickle pig & sty

breezes sneeze & scar tissues

breath is bent as marbles spews

death chars on the barbecue

blue july - & i

rivers pant as pasture browns

thunder drums - the clatter drowns

slipping grips on ladders down

shudder earth & sky



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