saint john’s warthog


saint john’s warthog  (  a  h a g i o g r a p h y  o n  h o l i d a y  )

saint john's warthog

gargles, grapes & tartan paint

shakespeare's reindeer

scrolling up the avenue

ishtar's fish farm

john the baptist's badger barks

ding-dong singsongs

as pajama's llama moo

stalin's starlings

murmurate a circled-eight

jack sprat's catflap

portals through to timbuktu

brigid's signet

singing in the river mist

vishnu's blue gnu

sniffin' on a stick of glue

big ben's black rat

trembles at a thunderclap

newton's numbat

hangin' with a cockatoo

enki's pet flea

hopping on a hovercraft

sun tzu's shih tzus

warring in the morning dew

plato's stray crow

lasers, lairds & lemonade

voltaire's mole-hole

taming tales of feral shrew

jane eyre's grey hare

boxing on a silver moor

saint john's warthog

saint augustine's hippo - too


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