blather nuts & dust in may


blather nuts & dust in may  (  a  p o e m  f o r  t h e  m o t h  o f  t h e  m o n t h  )

cattle prods & castaway

badger dancer cabaret

sniffles in the garden nose

roses glow as hoses spray

gargle on & thatterway

natter ladder saturday

slithering in adder socks

otters hop as osses neigh

seasonally & penguins sleigh

triggering the manta ray

breezes weave a whistling

ribbons imp the maiden day

morris men & branches sway

holographic holiday

tingle spindle ninja spine

shining as the rising hay

pasture grass & potter's clay

scribbles in a squirrel's drey

laughing gas as chaffinches

chatters chin the passageway

taurus turns & snores away

lemon sky's the water's way

gemini's the scatter-rush

blather nuts & dust in may



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