dipping sheet


dipping sheet  (  r h y m e s  f o r  y o u r  m i n d  )

bonce upon a bog of peat

heather beds the trundle's sleet

polka dotted otter socks

shuffle sun & sugar beet

barble birr as tossers tweet

thunder tongues in jumble's heat

gibber jerks the chickenpox

carrot tops & parakeets

fingers burr a buttered beat

custard skins the syrup suite

circles of the spotted dots

spheres of ears & whirrs of wheat

spinning plates as weasels eat

waving in the mead 'n' greet

jotters of the padded locks

gibber stream & river sweet

natters on a nutter seat

scatters of the pasture's bleat

inking six & ticking clocks

seven seas a phantom fleet

patters dance on cobbled streets

shepherd shims in skidding feet

singing songs of watt the flock

pissing ink & dipping sheet


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