a scribble a day


a scribble a day  (  a  p o e t r y  )

a coroner stirs in croaks of crow

an orator birds & stokes the glow

that prattles the gleam

& shafts the stream

in twinkles of toes as roses row

a peasant then preens in dips of dawn

as kettle-hens steam & fist the morn

that badger the sky

& bats the eye

in bollocks of shine & shites of yawn

a smuggler snails in trails of slime

a juggler scales the dales & climbs

the tips of the tors

on hawks of moors

til scrawling - it balls - & yon, we rhyme

an officer wisps as hats-a-don

a forager whips a splat upon

the scrap of the page

that maps the maze

a scribble a day - & song - we swan



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