pack a lunch & bagpipes


pack a lunch & bagpipes  (  a  p o e t r y  )

rubber duck & rubric

double dutch as music

muffles puff the duffel

ruffles scruff the tunic

swisher swell & echo

butter cups as yellow

flutter spits the sputter

nutter in the hedgerow

picture witch & mentor

snort a walk as centaurs

singers ring the squinter

tenors enter tent doors

limber jig & sew seed

pinch a pig as pokeweed

romans note the omens

rivers run the nose bleed

dotter eye & seesaw

credently as seashore

spirals squint the cycle

seaman squib the detour

pack a lunch & bagpipes

flash a punch a lamplights

murmurs mist the bursar

spaniels win the catfights



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