list forever


list forever  (  a  l i s t  )

eider waddles, waffle irons

pipers pipers, divers diving

cider goggles, song of sirens

miners hiding, diamonds hiding

seven blisters, lemon squeezers

maids-a-mapping, ravens flapping

melon twisters, leaden leaders

table tapping, paper dancing

apple crumbles, double-barrels

triple-dipping, scribble slipping

grapple-stumbles, bubble barrels

ninja kicking, scissor snipping

dungeon weather, feather dusters

fractal scaling, dragon slaying

sunken treasure, decks 'n' drummers

babble scraping, badgers aping

vista vicars, kipper suitors

winter cycles, kites-a-flying

wicker knickers, intercoolers

squinter spirals, eyes-a-spying

drunken ballads, salad tossers

river otters, spot o'shopping

jumps 'n' gallops, trots 'n' potters

mirror watchers, ticks-a-tocking

copper cauldrons, y'olden pheasants

cousin dozens, covens stirring

scrumple scrolls & golden peasants

button onions - ovens burning

rubber chickens, pissing weather

spittle kettles, kitchens sinking

pens-a-singing - list forever

stutter's dripping, missions inking


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