tsol meop


tsol meop  (  a  p o e m  o f  m i s s i n g  t h i n g s  )

dockets in pockets, a vole in the head

warbles of wallets & balls of the thread

locks in the locket or cats up a tree

thrashings at matches & flaps in the red

tingling teasels, an inkling of hay

spindling needles & sun on the day

spun of a sputter as kingdoms of keys

sleep in the aether & pigeon of clay

bricks of a fourth wall, a scrawl in the scribes

slipping in shortfalls as roundabout slides

down as the trousers or scuttles at sea

singing in whispers of giants & tribes

bundling parcels - a garden or two

mumbling marbles in spew of a clue

mist in the mizzle on riddling screes

music in gargles, a sparkle & ewe


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