jungles swing the mumbles


jungles swing the mumbles  (  a  t r u e  t a l e  )

extras, spectres

zebras stripe the tigers

leaches, screeches

leopards spot the frogs

dangles, scrambles

buzzes, bugs & spiders

horses, courses

water, warts 'n' hogs

blisters, sisters

mizzle mists the yonder

thunder, hungers

simmer sings the ode

carrots, parrots

slither anaconda

forest, forage

stop & lick a toad

balmy, barmy

army ants are marching

nifty, swiftly

fifty hundred legs

tardy, snarly

canopies are barking

tipsy pixies

pygmies hunt for heads

orchid, florid

jungles swing the mumbles

lemurs, creepers

tingles ping the spine

wriggles, jiggles

gibbon on in jumbles

fiddles, scribbles

winging vine to vine


(  a u t h o r  n o d e s  )

this poem is set in the generic-amalgam jungle

hence the mishmash of different animals

from different continents


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