return to town


return to town  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  p o e m  )

scribble, fiddle

hobble, hop

whistle hat

& bag

dribble, drizzle

wobble, stop

shiver hand

& flag

enter, scramble

people zoo

travel card

& bleep

tenter, dangle

bramble through

apple cart

& seat

chatter, shuffle

purple rinse

sputter brake

& hiss

natter, muffle

myrtle mist

nutters, snakes

& piss

totter, toggles



& schools

toddlers, tossers



& spools

grinding, gazing


climbing hills

& down

winding, grazing


chiming tings

& town

ambles, ganders

shit 'n' shat

grey's the sound

& gloam

dangles, wrangles


station bound

& home



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