sleep’s feet


sleep’s feet  (  a  s h r e w  t a i l  )

i whipped the lea of bend's the lane

as silver spits the spoon

that bulls the wool & wolves the brain

& spins the inner-loom

i chime the tor of chips of moor

as yonder fox the hare

above the hood of bile's the boar

& straw the squinter air

i snake the veil of quiver mist

as shepherds shake the trees

until the gull- a dove - it shits

& snail the lemon seas

i scrap the scrawl of discant sands

as phantoms light the knight

& swan in song of mirror-lands

as badgers fry the kite

i crow a pear of apple wings

& fluster up to mars

as candles spring of waxen things

as shingle toes the stars

& squall within my hammered head

as puddles sheep the stream

a shuffle in a crackered bed

a cabbage in

a dream


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