inky sounds


inky sounds  (  t h e r e ‘ s  n o  h a r m  i n  c h e c k i n g  )

vesting, vesting

swan, two, string

flap the shat

& song the sing

nesting, nesting

swan, two, lake

egg the leg

& shoe the snake

cresting, cresting

swan, two, newt

eye the sky

& hoop the lute

wrestling, wrestling

swan, two, mask

hood the wood

& hat the tracks

necking, necking

swan, two, throat

clear the blear

& coat the stoat

tenting, tenting

swan, two, peg

toss the dross

& dredge the keg

sweating, sweating

swan, two, brow

quill the hill

& till the plough

flexing, fleshing

swan, two, three

crow the stones

& po - et - ry



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