gaps, gaffs ‘n’ naps


gaps, gaffs ‘n’ naps  (  a  p o e t r y  )

suck's the lemon shred shed

in the onion spun head

as a pear

snares the fare

in the nectarine bed

spud's the rubber duck wall

in the watercress hall

as a ghost

stokes the stove

in the coma-toes stall

plum's the podded pea dog

in the broccoli bog

as a horse

snorts the porch

in the fennel fen fog

sup's the shepherd red grape

in the leopard-led ape

as an owl

howls the towel

in the speckled rabe scrape

pluck's the carrot top frost

in the sugar snap loft

as a bat

blacks the flap

in the salad toss swash

bud's the butter bean spouse

in the russet brown blouse

as an imp

suds the sink

in the grocer's green house


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