wednesday morning


wednesday morning  (  a n o t h e r  b a s t a r d  r e w r i t e  )

weasel's sneeze & dogwood's walking

eagle's breeze as tungsten's talking

aplphabets & gamma's waving

gargles sing of slates-a-falling

apples cart & dagger's dawning

adders lark as pasture's pawning

plasma jets & cobble's paving

judges juggle - in wigs, courting

kettles steam & tractors stalling

nettles gleam as raptors soaring

alkahets & babble's blazing

sugar sweets the teacup's storming

bubbles blow & spiders crawling

puddles code as cypher's calling

phantom sweat & cattle's grazing

nostrils snorting - cockles warming

spindles spit & rodents roaring

riddles skip as frozen's thawing

alkanets & badgers bathing

pigeons shit on yeoman yawning

brambles bud & thoughts-a-forming

tangles mud as water's warring

castanets & settle's wading

swans moor on a - wednesday morning



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