wet underfoot


wet underfoot  (  a  p o e m  )

pond pokes the puddle & swan songs the land

on boats the struggle & brass blasts the band

splat peas the pasture as lake seas the lea

frog hops the fuddle & sing rings the spanned

duck backs the stature & damp clams the brain

quack squids the faster & drip squibs the rain

thirst blurs the muddle as swish fish the tree

burst cracks the puddle & rat twats the drain

brown boots the burble & drown spews the cud

earth flutes the gurgle & down lutes the thud

squelch roars the chorus as score spores the scree

belch blows the chorus & roar flows the mud

drip drops the otter & brim dims the ditch

lip quips the river & kiss whips the bridge

splodge dogs the opera as splat bogs the key

trod plops the sodden & pop plods the squidge



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