a wrong’un turns


a wrong’un turns  (  a  p o e m  )

bankers, barons, bats & bakers

bathos, bathtubs, apes & quakers

wenches, stenches, tench & trenches

turtles, turf, tor, earth & acres

parrots, farmers, palms & badgers

hocus, llamas, stoats & daggers

pcus, snorkels, doors & portals

carrots, adders, goats & ladders

ripples, hiccups, dips & trad-folk

nipples, slip-ups, hips & backstrokes

easels, steeples, whips & weasles

battles, bishops, bats & asbos

ravens, maidens, suns & sailors

raisins, haystacks, naps & nailers

rumbles, cheese sauce, rum & beanstalks

bandstands, jam hands, slam & jailers



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