a year in a walk in a day


a year in a walk in a day  (  a  p o e m  )

squawk with the hawk on the knot blossom dawn

leg with the lamb as the hedge flotsam spawns

weave with the green on the osier morn

plot with the land as the bud licks the thorn

sup with the bee on the corncockle spoon

spread with the bed as the snapdragon bloom

fluff with the spawn on the bluebottle noon

waff with the wasp as the fox hums a tune

cob with the nut on the mist riddle reave

fog with the frog as the drop mizzle breathe

web with the wet on the dim drizzle eve

float with the ghost as the tree drips the leaves

flap with the bat on the black badger's bite

ale with the dale as the grass pastures white

twist with the turn on the snow crystal night

crow with the flow as the stove burners light



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