( a surfeit of lampshades )


( a surfeit of lampshades )  (  a  r e w r i t e  o f  a  p r e v i o u s l y  o n  )


cheapskate in a dream state paper

plain & black as snow

kisses shite & shattered pen ink

white as frozen crow

clean slates slip as swans sing chansons

spits of feathered songs

so the ruffled stream flows backwards

upwards then we row

slime to meet thy honey maker

itch & twiddle toes

ninja slice & dice an onion

nimbly kneed that dough

bang a speckled y'olden gold gong

thesp & act that one

stir the ghosts for spectral breakast

when the garden grows

garbled scraps & bastard capers

scarpered as me flow

stick to myths & squinter's whispers

knot what folk may know

apples bob & rivers glisten

avalon & on

scribbles in the jiggles wriggle

squits of so & so

fruits of frorests, floss & labour

fizzled quill winds blow

flicker flecks & settle embers

watch them as they glow

ring-a-ring of wrongs etc.

where they should belong

as the rabble rain rants buckets

fuck it - here we go


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