scrawl calls


scrawl calls  (  o n e  o ‘  t h e m  p o e m  t h i n g s  )

sonnets spun of consonants

bibles swiped of b's

novels penned for ombudsmen

graphs of graffiti

hoi poloi - the corduroy blears

horns & headers three

magic maps for morris men

missing sheets of key

anagram the agar man

scrapes of symmetry

speckles in the river mist

spurts of herbal tea

squinter whiffs of potpourri

warble binary

portals in the otter ink

plods of podded pea

feather in the blether cap

flaps of tapestry

squiggles in the kitchen sink

squints of symphony

bubble bursts & stumble stubs

bubmles of the bee

doodles drawn of noodle spawn

dawdle diary

dialogues for miming troupes

notes on groceries

diatribes & scattered scribes


babbles on for babylon

scribbles soak the sea

saturn suns the dagger cloak

poetry of tree


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