squint’s the battered beak


squint’s the battered beak  (  a  p o e m  )

sink's the phantom-tangent plunge as sun's the cobbled deep

spun's the cuttle-fission ink & blink's the riddled speak

spring's the quivered-quibble ping as ting's the nobbled nose

sing's the manna-spanner sponge & hum's the dribbled sleep

tick's the whittled-river watch as clock's the sunken creak

bed's the chapel-apple head & red's the rubber cheek

bread's the seven-lemons bug as plug's the drunken nose

chequed's the tartan garden rug & swept's the flutter speak

swim's the christened-glisten wing as swan's the otter feet

bird's the burbled-bursar burst & bog's the heathered peat

swamp's the marbled-gargle flap as fleck's the tosser flows

drift's the brindle-dingle wood & mist's the weathered teak

grit's the leopard-shepherd stone as bleat's the legion sheep

tor's the dawdle-portal snore & nap's the splattered peak

bat's the bastard-blister blink as snow's the beacon rose

trek's the freckled-fuddle speck & squint's the battered beak



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