dawn’s the jan


dawn’s the jan  (  a  p o e m  )

pig's the sty & stick's the pan

wind's the wing & skim's the scan

swoop's the loop & droop's the drawer

spring's the sing & tin's the can

lip's the list & mist's the man

hand's the stand & spin's the span

flight's the kite & wipe's the floor

pie's the sky & flim's the flan

newt's the eye & hoot's the clan

wheat's the speak & brain's the bran

drop's the drain & rain's the pour

twig's the jig & jog's the ran

spit's the shit & hit's the fan

sod's the plot & plod's the plan

shoot's the spoon & spore's the door

brawn's the moon & dawn's the jan



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