sink’s the ditty


sink’s the ditty  (  s o m e  r h y m e z  )

chuck's the churn & muck's the jitty

hum's worm & squirm's the chilli

ring's the sing & grain's the gravy

spurred's the urn & stuck's the sticky

dog's the doze & goat's the billy

cog's the wheel & eel's the slippy

groat's the boat & dozed's the daisy

tick's the list & stick's the city

knell's the bell & spell's the dizzy

ink's the blink & peck's the biddy

speck's the neck & hazed's the hazy

spoke's the oak & pond's the lily

cat's the flap & scrap's the kitty

skip's the mist & mid's the piggy

tune's the spoon & rune's the wavy

&'s the sand & sink's the ditty


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