the node is black


the node is black  (  a  p o e m z  )

the node is black & brogue's the knave

of sod's the socks & crap's the pave

the hill's the beans & quills the cat

that birds the worms & tails the dave

the crowns are cloaks & stoke's the stave

as scribe's the hen that hems the they've

the clown is frogs that flare the hat

& spot the watt then doze the shave

the moor is spoor & yore's the lathe

yet hum's the herd that pied the wave

that swat the eyed & mead the map

to perm the worm & ant the rave

the plank is sands & cat's the cave

of wing the bells & thatch the save

as wife is lard & fried's the bat

that yelps us sieve & stodge the grave


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