fuck a duck


fuck a duck  (  a  b r i e f  e s s a y  t h a t ‘ s  a  p o e m  i n s t e a d  )

knell's the spell of thunder-truck

spun's the thumb & sunder sucks

pop's the pip of boar's the gore

bell's the swing & string's the pluck

snare's the mare of stumble-stuck

still's the quill & stable mucks

sing's the whale of shale's the shore

swift's the swoop & gloop's the gluck

burr's the bird of bumble-snuck

hen's the pen & crumble clucks

lick's the tick of brick's the door

pearl's the twirl & swirl's the shuck

sag's the rut of stagger-struck

rag's the ink & badgers buck

ink's the blink of nought's the screw

spew the shrew & fuck a duck


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