most daunted


most daunted  (  a  p o e m  )

badgers roll the barrel

supper sups the firkin

bubbles bib the babbles

scuppered scuffs & bargains

adders asp the addles

jungles jerk the gherkin

jibber jabs the jackals

thoughts of swords & marlins

judges smash the gavels

gawpers hawk the merlin

dowsers cow the cattle

spur the herd & charge in

spindles span the travels

steeples street the urchin

wiggles wine the waggles

weasels pine & martens

seamsters scheme the straddles

circles swerve the curve in

shakers snake the rattles

apple bobs & parkin

shuffles shim the shackles

saucers sauce the stir-in

riddles rig the raffles

marbles map & martians

hobbles hop the haggles

spinsters spank the jerkin

gibbons grape the grapples

may the pole & barge in

scribbles soap the saddles

quivers vim the vermin

phantoms fan the battles

ghosts within the margin



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