lines on morn shat


lines on morn shat  (  a  p o e m  f o r  s h a t t e r d a z e  )

plunge the air & sponge the hauling

snow the fro & slump the awning

ghost the ware & toast the steeple

pop the clogs & blow the weasel

spun the snare & drum the dawning

tea the green & wean the yawning

dot the t's & spot the measles

breathe the trees & wheeze the treacle

plum the pear & blear the spwaning

beer the spear & deer the fawning

hatch the latch & chase the easel

wraith the wave & weave the weevil

sunk the hare & frieze the morning

shrew the news & trews the falling

ship the speak & pin the needle

hit the sheet & shuck the fecal




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