flecks ‘n’ specks


flecks ‘n’ specks  (  a  c o n t e m p o r a r y  f l a p  )

broth in coughs of sputtered pots

sable eels & scrambled legs

stable wheels & spangled knots

eightsome reels & brambled hedge

dart in sparks of warning shots

alkanets & pigeon pecks

alphabets & stubble cross

castanets & chicken necks

odd in spots of muddled socks

fiddled strings & ruffled vest

ninja hymns & off 'is blocks

winter springs & chequered chess

toss in squats of dental floss

gramophones & squinter sweat

ankle bones & kitten pox

saxophones & skipping wrecks

flop in flocks of shepherd frocks

treble clefs & ruffled nests

rebel chefs & squirrel hops

triple deaths & shit the hex

loft in wafts of attic rocks

fretless bass & scumbled flecks

feckless frogs & riddled fox

restless straits & jumbled jets

curl in swirls of golden lochs

salad daze & treasured chests

gamma rays & stomach flops

button maze & buchan steps

drip in ticks of water clocks

timpani & stuttered mess

middle sea & carrot tops

symphony & flecks 'n' specks




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