flossing toss & terpsichore


flossing toss & terpsichore  (  a  p o e m  c o z  i t ‘ s  a  l i s t  &  i t  r h y m e s  )

foxing trots of saddle sore

shimmered shuffs & chandaliers

chocolate hops & labradors

carrot tops & racketeers

rounding heads of underscores

rascal rocks & brigadiers

puritans & civil wars

musket shots & cavaliers

webbing legs of dinosaurs

bubble bombs & bombardiers

fireflies & firedoors

brevity & bevel gears

spewing shrews of sycamore

turnip wars & ginger blear

gangled knees & guarantors

kitchen sinks & gondoliers

waltzing jolts of troubadours

feudal laws & commandeers

there she blows & trojan wars

easter eggs & profiteers

jiving yawns of tidal bores

silver eights & souveniers

pirouettes & paramours

mutant speak & mutineers

bursting spurts of megaspores

earthenware & terayears

scuppered flags & semaphore

knelling bells & belvederes

jigging skids of slidden doors

apple trees & atmospheres

flossing toss & terpsichore

autumn flops & winter cheers


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