bastard chapters


bastard chapters  (  s o m e  ~  ,  ( ? )  &  r h y m e s  )

double dutch & duffel masters

gubbins gurns the speckled letters

gibbon guns & gibbon quivers

servants swerve the silver platters

roman roads & woven natters

kettles spit the kitten sweaters

doric doors & auric pillars

knuckles dust the fuddled factors

morning socks & soaring raptors

lovers leap the lemon lepers

puddle punch & riddled rivers

goner rears the cheerful clappers

paper scrawls & splattered plasters

phantoms face the spectral headers

serpent shakes & lizard slithers

tipples skip the skittle scatters

marble mud & sparkled shatters

thistles mist the muddled messrs.

shepherd wool & garbled triggers

parcels pass the spattered tatters

rubber tusks & walrus actors

chuckles chess the chequered chequers

missing maps & kicking scissors

salad tongues the prattled tractors

badger cheese & nadger crackers

gutters gush the truffled feathers

pigeon piss & chicken livers

nutters sputt the buttered smackers

middle eights & chorus fractures

sibyls pick the pickled peppers

sinking suns & spun with mirrors

otters toss the bastard chapters


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