winter spurs the ankles


winter spurs the ankles  (  a  p o e m ,  d u r  . . .  )

spittle pans & handles

shivers shim the shingles

citrus fruits & kettles

rubber boots the rambles

fireflies & mantles

fingers glove the tingles

pheasant pecks & pebbles

ranting pants & ambles

woollen hats & brambles

welkin dusts the sprinkles

knotted vests & vessels

frosted plods the tramples

snipping skips & samples

squirrels squib the cymbals

piston rods & pedals

phantom eggs the scrambles

pasture, rugs & wrangles

weasels swipe the swindles

staggered stamps & petals

caverns bat the dangles

river mist & tangles

riddles skin the wrinkles

feathered friends & freckles

sinking suns the angles

venus, mars & candles

sparkles scar the twinkles

mezzanines & levels

kilner jars the jingles

autumn churns & mangles

summer snores the swindle

ember flecks & speckles

winter spurs the ankles




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