dribbing drabs


dribbing drabs  (  m y  r h m e s  a r e  w e i r d e r  t h a n  y o u r s  )

bee the beat of dripping taps

scissor kicks & snipping snaps

summer daze & sputtered sups

ducking stools & paving cracks

rue the spew of splitting slacks

river mist & missing maps

finger food & buttercups

whirling pools & swirling traps

phase the hay of tipping stacks

laser rays & slipping grasps

serpent tongues & monster trucks

thundered crumbs & otter scraps

fight the bite of nipping gnats

iron gloves & whipping slaps

sinking stands & plunder struck

tiger stripes & lion naps

span the sand of swinging sacks

pigeon piss & shitting gasps

candle quacks & rubber flux

what-the-ducks & spitting wax

tread the stead of tripping tracks

feathered blends & flipping flaps

scrambled legs & dangled up

phantom pens & dribbing drabs




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