pins in the haystack


pins in the haystack  (  a t i s h o o  –  a t i s h o o  –  w e  a l l  f a l l  d o w n  )

pips in the apples & ants in the stamp tax

fists in the grapples & maps in the backpacks

mist in the dazzles & squints in the syntax

twists in the babbles & gaps in the cashback

nose in the muddles & ayes in the eye patch

flows in the puddles & cripes in the ice axe

toasts in the doubles & give in the fig wax

ghosts in the rubble & mites in the climax

bobs in the wobbles & oats in the flapjack

gobs in the gobbles & stoats in the smokestack

squabs in the squabbles & cracks in the knickknacks

knobs in the nobbles & toes in the throwbacks

strings in the fiddles & stings in the paybacks

springs in the wriggles & limbs in the face mask

pings in the pickles & ground in the soundtrack

wings in the jiggles & pins in the haystack



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