as circles traipse


as circles traipse  (  f o r  s u n d a y s  ,  s u n d a e s  &  s u n  d a z e  )

the gait is stains of stumbled knees

of flecks of paint & scumbled trees

the span is ram & mangled scrapes

of twigs in tongues & spangled grapes

the isle is stiles & rifled breeze

of spins in hymns & stifled cheese

the earth is birds & curdled flakes

of gurns from ferns as gurgled shapes

the fawn is yawn & bumbled keys

of dust from rust & mumbled sneeze

the swish is swords in drizzled lakes

of mist in myths & riddled eights

the seed is eve & speckled weaves

of sink or sing & settled leaves

the core is spore & hurtled spates

of mess in nests as circles traipse




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