stubble stubs the stuttered dawn


stubble stubs the stuttered dawn  (  a  l i s t  f o r  a m p e r s a n d  e n t h u s i a s t s  )

speckles speck the shepherds shorn

& spiders silk the fly

ripples rip the river torn

& apples pip the pie

pencils neck the picture drawn

& dangled hangs the sky

pheasants peck the glistened lawn

& spindles spring the spry

brambles wisp the phantom fawn

& noodles stir the fry

gutters ooze the thunder's brawn

& tingles toot the high

badgers blast the bastard horn

& sprinkles squint the eye

sweaters lump the jumpers worn

& whispers psst the spy

yeoman yoke the yokels born

& otters shoe the dry

millers spill the wheaten corn

& knitters string the ply

steeples sneeze the weasel spawn

& squawkers small the fry

clover cloaks the woodland thorn

& nettles cress the thigh

bishops rook the chequered pawns

& heaven reds the dye

buzzards bee the bumbled yawn

& greeters grieve the by

stubble stubs the stuttered dawn

& kippers twist the tie

bubbles brush the blustered morn

& stumble on scum i



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