splinters spin the headboards


splinters spin the headboards  (  a  l i s t  –  p o e m  )

serpents snap the cheesecake

silver steels the gold hoards

seconds stem the stopwatch

weasels sprawl the floorboards

bumpers chase the tailgates

bottles green the glass gourds

totters toss the flopped frocks

letters speck the blackboards

curtains gawp the checkmate

yorkers stump the ash lords

tangles vest the whatnots

battles span the chessboards

gravel grasps the handshakes

saxons cross the tea poured

teeters tow the top notch

guesses yes the snowboards

romans nose the blind dates

lasers ray the day wards

silence ticks the stopped clocks

spindles dim the switchboards

myrtle quacks the mandrake

wonder strums the spun chord

eagles swoop the hopscotch

music sweeps the keyboards

shrapnel splash the cheapskates

porpoise trawl the norse fjords

polka dots the odd socks

easter eats the scoreboards

baffle heaves the backdate

pencils pen the sell swords

hobbles bob the hogwash

splinters spin the headboards




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