marbles in the garbled muckrake


marbles in the garbled muckrake  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  s o r t  )

clasping rays of thrashing daybreak

laser chase & smashing tailgates

muddles in the splashing puddles

fuddles in the dashing cheapskates

reeling flaps of wreathing sea snakes

serpent snaps & speaking cheesecakes

apples in the reeving grapples

baffles in the heaving backdate

gasping grasps of flapping handshakes

gravel grit & quacking mandrakes

piffle in the laughing drizzle

mizzle in the mashing milkshake

eyeing views of woven dilate

cloven hooves & roman blind dates

speckles in the omen freckles

heckles in the foeman checkmate

spinning piles of toppled hotplates

second lives & gobbled hotcakes

idles in the hobbled rifles

trifles in the bobbled lightweights

dancing prance of settled stagnate

shattered glass & metal classmates

spaniels in the freckled jangles

pandas in the speckled pancake

shaking quakes of thundered birthrates

gurgled mirth & umber earthquakes

myrtle in the sunder burbles

hurdles in the blunder birdcage

ducking darts of startled heartache

bric-à-brac & partial partake

gargles in the parcelled fardles

marbles in the garbled muckrake



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