on evensong gone wrong


on evensong gone wrong  (  f o r  t h e  i m a g i n a r y  e t  a l  )

sunder heads the flicker

ripples greet the leaving

spindles spin the freckles

speckles fleck the fleeting

wonder eggs the vicar

swivels sweep the gleaming

drizzles sting the nettles

kettles steam the meaning

blunder reds the kipper

pickles peal the ceiling

nipples pinch the shekels

trestles bridge the beaming

thunder threads the quiver

whistles sweep the squealing

riddles rip the rebels

pebbles pip the preening

plunder pegs the pillar

prickles pique the healing

fiddles string the medals

devils deck the dealing

lumber legs the river

sickles seek the seeming

jiggles jinx the revel

vessels wreck the dreaming

hunger begs the differ

piffle bleats the greening

sniffle whiffs the petals

heckles huff the heaving

numbers bed the shimmer

quibbles clique the cleaving

fickle splits the meddles

settle sings the evening




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