gloam sweet gloam


gloam sweet gloam  (  a  p o e m  f o r  s u n d a y  e t  a l  . . .  )

jumbles jump the mumble

jungles jinx the jingle

nutters span the attic

witches in the grindle

dashes slap the stumbles

clashes tap the cymbals

crackles whip the static

squirrels in the dingle

apples pip the crumbles

grapples swine the swindle

manic pipes the magic

bristles in the brindle

fondles feel the fumble

tonsils speak the lingual

woven weaves the fabric

spoken rungs the spindle

stomachs tum the rumble

thunder thumbs the thimble

warbles fright the rabbits

dawdles sprite the nimble

adders snake the rundle

ladders shake the twinkle

haddock hicks the habit

havoc spits the simple

draymans toast the trundle

ravens crow the wrinkles

roses sniff the plastic

noses whiff the dimples

petals fluff the fungal

pebbles rough the shingle

staggers trawl the traffic

stutters stall the dwindle



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