rosy hips


rosy hips  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  p o e m  )

hairy hands & fingertips

fairylands & sinking ships

sputtered dust & monkey rust

fuddles in the crinkled quips

trouty pouts & rubber lips

fishy tricks & scissor kicks

scattered flaps & plaster cracks

patter on as trickled drips

silky daze & tangled twists

milky ways & willow wisps

buckled shoes & chuckled through

cuckoo in the morning mist

sticky feet & squiffy scripts

toffee plods & wonky trips

grazing scrapes & hazy shapes

shaking at the quaking fist

droopy walls & loosened grips

loopy lutes & building bricks

spotted socks & flops in frocks

fodder for the bullish whips

thirsty work & thirsting thrips

squiffy spit & bursting drips

wonky flows & on she goes

autumn calls with rosy hips


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