mash ‘n’ salad


mash ‘n’ salad  (  s o me  p o e t i c a l  h m m m  )

sink a sum of subdivision

as the porpoise pods the pea

suck the thumb of supposition

when the monkeys climbs the tree

smash a clash of demolition

as the ibex rides the scree

split the wish of fishy fission

when the headland meets the sea

sniff a whiff of mint condition

as the fowl owl counts to three

spout the out of intuition

when the dock leaf stings your knee

shoo the shrew of superstition

as the bonnet bugs the bee

spot the dots of repetition

when the finders seek their fee

smite the shite of television

as the brown fox leaps the flea

sail the gales of intermission

when the west wind swipes the key

loop the hoop with sweet nutrition

as the others rouse in me

map the flaps of fuckin' missions

mash 'n' salad for our tea


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