stroll-stuff ( some pun-of-the-mill gubbins – twenty seventeen stylee )

muddles in puddles & jumbles in socks

dawdles through portals & pennies in slots

sun on my earlobes

& wind up my nose

saunters through old haunts & vest strings in knots

dithers in rivers & riddles in keys

bubbles in bobbles & knobbles in knees

oh in my so-so

& on in my flow

shadows are breadcrumbs & questions are trees

pistols in pistons & crystals in rocks

ponies in shell suits & donkeys in frocks

search for those echoes

through to & its fro

poems are hidden in wheres & their whats

wanders in ponders & sonnets in bees

haiku in sky blue & bollocks in me

yon lie the meadows

yes, soon we are home

quibble in scribbles - so how did it go?


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