batten down them hatches


batten down them hatches  (  a n o t h e r  p o e m  t h i n g  )

cracking shots & glasses

flopping flops & gashes

fizzles in the hush-up

riddles in the mashes

spitting dust & ashes

pissing gusts & patches

whistles on the brushed scrub

panic in the masses

rubbing sticks & matches

sticking locks & latches

chuckles in the dead duck

staggers in the stashes

lapping lads & lasses

skipping bricks & scratches

witters in the headfuck

swivels on the axis

dotting eyes & dashes

inking blots & splashes

bastards in a bathtub

muddles in the mashes

lightning fright & flashes

smashing clouds & clashes

singing songs of tea cups

batten down them hatches