don’ts & do’s


don’ts & do’s ( s’od & st’nod )

never play leapfrog

with a triceratops

      dust away the cobwebs

      or eat the yellow snow

so an old gosling

honking on a millpond

      stopped & told me so

      once upon a wednesday

never grow a top knot

they’re an n.p.c antennae

      connected to the mainframe

      beaming in the shite

badger on backwards

irk the scourge of weasels

      only talk to strangers

      if they’re in the mirror

never love the dirges

of bloody insta-poets

      angst in their pants

      raking in the cash

bee an individual

tell the hive – buzz off

      serve with steamed greens

      don’t let the buggers bite