microdosing not dossing


microdosing not dossing ( gnissod ton gnisodorcim )

woodland wanderings

sucking on a murray mint

      or a lemon sherbert

      ’til the temptress tingles

two spoons of sugar

in a milky mug of tea

      a whiff of hibiscus

      the brush of a nettle

dustings of doc leaves

& whispering codes

      licking the backs

      of natterjack toads

the crystalline grains

of the seven seas’ salt

      the upturned tip

      of attis’ cap

tipex flashback’s

from the clearasil years’

      swigs from a flagon

      of fizzing ginger beer

little sips of calpol

drips of acid rain

      dancing on the tongue

      as we face the day’s dung